Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year!

Today is the last day of the year in fact a decade, I am sitting in my office. There are lot of people on leave today that includes my boss, my boss's boss so its no pressure at all. I am looking out of window from the 15th floor, I see people from some other office playing cricket in the empty parking space.

This year has shown me lots of ups and downs and I really want bid this year adieu and hope that next year will bring me and other people lots of happiness. Overall, this decade has been a turning point of my life. I finished my school in 2000 and took admission in college. So I started this decade with a new life. I have never traveled alone earlier, even in Delhi but from the start of this decade I find myself comfortable traveling alone. This decade has been a time when I took my career seriously, though it took 4 years more to realize how important are the studies in one's career. I made lots of friends during these years. From colleges to offices to online, these friends have given me the best days of my life. I want to sincerely thank all of them for this. This time has shown me the importance of relationships. How alone we feel when we don't have anybody around for support, to share. This time has proven me that you always need somebody who you can rely upon, with whom you can share things and I thank God that I always had that somebody in my life.

I have also seen people running after money madly. They are in love with no one else but money. They don't know, but at the same time they are going far away from their near and dear ones. I have seen people of all kinds. Though I never get angry from them but pity them and make sure that I don't inherit the same qualities from them.

Coming this new year, I pledge to travel to many places and want to begin this new decade with lots of positive energy and wish all my friends a very very happy new year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Loving all these blogs

The more and more I read people's blogs, I find many of them interesting. And then my list of followed blogs are increasing day by day. I really learnt a lot from each and every post of my blogs in the list. Just want to thank all the people of my list, for sharing your knowledge with me. Love ya all!! God bless you!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dividing India- Telangana

It was again the saddest moment in the Indian history when another state is into making. Few morons does not like to live with their fellow Indian citizens and demand for another state - Telangana. The guy in the photo (I dont want to even take his name) was fasting for the last 11 days. He and his supporters wants another state in India. They are just doing it for their political interest. We know how these guys will gonna treat people in this area when the state would be made.

This is not something new. Earlier, there were Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, and now Telangana. There are certain few individuals who are just dividing India. I think people should stop supporting these idiots. If this keeps on going, I think India in few years will change its name to United (though Divided) States of India.

Please this is my request to all the citizens of India to stop supporting people who are demanding for separate states.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I promise to write more!

I have not posted anything since last month on my blog though I took up writing on someone else's blog and wrote around 8-10 entries there. But nothing compare to writing on own blog and that satisfies me more. I am still writing there but think should devote more time here on my blog. Things have not changed much, its as usual - office and home. I have one interesting news but I will share it next month or so. Right now there are lot of tensions going on in my mind. So once I finish all the stuff and find the way of my life back into track, I will write about that news.

Last week I ran Airtel Great Delhi Run, and had a very wonderful time over there. I saw Shahrukh Khan and Rahul Bose live. Though I am not a fan of Shahrukh Khan but still took his pics. I admire Rahul Bose's acting and his movies are simply superb. I took pics of myself with cheer girls, police wallahs, etc. This was my second marathon. When I was in school, I took part in the marathon organized by Gillette. It was long time back. Here are some pics from the last week's marathon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Simpsons completed 20 years

The most running TV animated series "The Simpsons" completed its 20 years. The show is still successful and sometimes when I get time, I watch it online. I see people still watching it with the same excitement. The creator of this TV series are doing a good job for the past 20 years.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Now I become author

Today, I have been invited to be an author for somebody's blog. The person has given me rights to write on his blog. But the real problem that I am facing is when I do not get time to update my blog (though I try my best), how can I write for other's blog. I am still thinking of taking this opportunity. I know at last I will decide to give it a try and then see how it goes. But I have to think of different topics. The blog is mostly about financial markets related to world economy, so I have to do my homework before I start.

I have to think about topics which are anticipated in future. This is very important for an writer to think about subject well in advance that have the potential to be a big news tomorrow.

So guys wish me luck!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazing Screen Capture Software

(This is not a link to download, just an image)

Screen Capture Product

I generally do not like to write reviews for products unless I use them beforehand. But I came across this amazing product and I felt like writing for it. This is a product called "SnapIt Screen Capture" where you can capture almost everything on the screen. This is somewhat similar to "SnagIt" which is not user friendly and very complicated. This "SnapIt", I find very easy to use and I am eager to use this product. It will also help me in my profession, where I have to fetch lot of information from the internet and create the reports.

There are just 3 easy steps to capture and save the image. You can save the images in various formats like jpeg, gif, tiff, png and bmp. Moreover, the images can be automatically saved in your folder. There are lot more actions which you can perform on your image through "SnapIt Screen Capture". This will help graphic designers, Office Workers, Business People, Analysts and more.

I cannot wait to try out this product. Here is the link.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is it too early to judge Obama?

Previously, I had very high respect for the people who received nobel prizes. But I was shocked to hear the news that Barrack Obama got the nobel peace prize. I lost all the respect now for the organization/committee who decides on giving these noble prizes. The committee lost its credibility. I don't know whether US has achieved enough under his leadership. But as far as I know, people are still unemployed in US, in Afghanistan, people are still dying (day before yesterday only the bomb has exploded near Indian embassy). And who can forget the aid given by US to Pakistan, which they are using for terror activities.

I know only one commendable decision which he has taken to close Guantanamo Bay jail where so many people were tortured by US army. But what about other facts. He has taken decisions, but there are no results yet.

In the end, I just want to say that Obama doesn't deserves the noble prize for peace. He has just completed ten months in his job. How can you judge him for nobel prize that too for peace. This is too early to judge him. It seems that he worked better than Mahatma Gandhi who gave his entire life to world peace, and was once nominated for the prize but denied for same honor. Hope with this nobel prize Barrack Obama will do better for human civilization.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gary Kirsten Sutra

The new mantra by Gary Kirsten, coach of Indian cricket team- if you want to hit more sixes and if you want to take more wickets, sex is one of the solution. Its now become the talk of the Champions Trophy and a subject of amusement. Well first of all, now I knew the reason, that why South African cricket team never won any major cricket tournament. Such kind of advice will not help at all. Imagine a situation, if a team looses any match, what excuse they will give? I didn't had sex last night! Lolz.

The theory given by Kirsten says, "From a psychological (body) perspective having sex increases testosterone levels, which causes in an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness. Conversely, not having sex for a few months causes a significant drop in testosterone level in both males and females with the corresponding passiveness and decrease in aggression."

Cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Ishant Sharma will surely gonna affect by this.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

BC Sutta Mil Gaya!!

On Thursday morning when I was standing on my pick up point for office, there was this cool babe on her scooty waiting for somebody. Women/girls smoking is very common in Delhi, but the style of this girl amazed me. Look how coolly this girl is smoking cigarette.

I hope she, her friends and family members won't find my blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Austerity Drive- Holy cow shit!

( I have updated the title of this post after Shashi Tharoor's tweet!!)

There is lot of news these days regarding the Congress Working Committee's (CWC) so called austerity drive where all the politicians of congress would keep their life simple and they will travel by economy class. Day before yesterday Sonia Gandhi travelled in economy class flight and then last night Rahul Gandhi travelled by Shatabdi Express economy class, though the stones were pelted on the train midway by some hooligans. But I think this is just another crazy shit method of Congress to gain some popularity and driving away attention of people from more important real issues.

But the dice thrown by Congress seems to be hurting themselves. We know how much people's money these politicians waste every day. They all have occupied posh areas of New Delhi and everyday we see so much money wasted on their security. These people want to live their life king size, every now and then creating traffic jams when they travel here and there in the city.

My humble request to Mrs. Pratibha Patil to vacate the Rashtrapati Bhawan (President House) now. What's the use of living in a more than 100 room building. Come on, you can easily find 10 bedroom posh house in New Delhi. We guys pay property tax. What you pay Mrs. Patil? Occupying 100 room building without paying property tax.

If Congress really wants to remove poverty from India, there are whole lot of issues to concentrate rather than harassing Indian public by traveling in economy class because of your security concerns.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delhi Rains

I woke up in the morning and found that its raining very hard. I got ready for office and took the umbrella with me. But the umbrella was of no use as the water on the roads was flowing like a river. My shoes and pants got wet as soon as I entered the main road. And to make life more difficult, I received the call from cab that they will come late because of Jam. During rainy days, Delhi traffic is so slow that even an earthworm can race vehicles. So I was standing at my pick up point, waiting for my cab found many people struggling their way to reach office. I like rainy days but going office on that day is like hell.

My cab came after half an hour of waiting and only then I move on. I couldn't see the road, water was everywhere. Motorcyclists were having the harrowing time. The metro pull was throwing water like a fountain on the roof of the car. But we all cab members were enjoying the scenery, taking pictures. I reached office 2 hours late.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lucky Day

I travel to office by a cab in which there are 6 other members. Today in the morning, I received a call from one of my colleague, that he is going to pick me up from my place to office in his car. I said ok and informed my cab members that I won't be coming in the cab today.

When I reached office, I was informed that the cab's Tyre got punctured from which I come to office and these guys reached office 2 hours late because the bolt of the tyre got stuck. These are the small things which make you feel lucky. Thank You God!! (Though still feeling for my cab members).

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chandrayaan mission failed

Rs. 440 Crores project is now officially over. The money invested in this extraordinary spendthrift project was all wasted. Though I am not taking any side this time. But the feeling is more like that the money is wasted. They say that this mission was almost completed and 90-95% of data has already been sent by the Chandrayaan. But tell me what kind of R&D will be done based on the pictures sent by Chandrayaan. I hope somebody use the RTI Act and ask these scientists after few years that what conclusion they have made from the pictures. I am sure these pictures will be thrown in dustbins with some files and nobody to look after them.

India, which is still poverty stricken country using huge amount of money on such projects. Though one thing that is achieved from this project is that India has shown other countries that they are capable of sending space shuttles to moon. The space shuttle must be revolving around the lunar field

RIP Chandrayaan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ashes-England Vs Australia

So finally England reclaimed the Ashes Urn on the fourth day of the fifth and final test held at Brit Oval. It was an amazing series with an amazing fifth test. I was on England side as for some time, I do not like Australian cricket team for their behavior. They sledge too much when not required. Also England team has played a good cricket by maintaining pressure on Australians throughout the match. Who says that test match has become boring now. I wish to see more test matches like these in the future.

Moreover, Australians are now 4th in the ICC team rankings. For the first time they lost the 1st position since the launch of this ranking system. Now I think there will be more competition among the top 8 teams. Also Champions trophy is coming up from 22nd September. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shahrukh Khan detained at US airport

This guys is such an asshole that he can go down to any level to promote himself and his movie. Shahrukh Khan needs popularity and nothing else. He is such a hungry fellow. He was detained in US for some grilling, which I am sure is a publicity stunt because his upcoming movie "My name is Khan" is based on the same theme. Even if it is not a publicity stunt, what would he expect? He wants them to present him garland or what.

I don't know about the other countries but in India Shahrukh Khan is now treated as beggar. His movies are not going well, his team Knight Riders is pathetic. He is running into losses. Therefore, he needs events like these to promote himself.

People in India now hate him as much as they can. His popularity chart is going down. His movies are baseless. The more he comes in news more frustrated people become of his news. I think he should stop coming into films now.

Happy Independence Day India

I wish all the Indians a very Happy Independence Day. Always remember the sacrifice of our great heroes of past. I want to thank them for giving us this independence.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

President Zardari jokes

Mr. President laughing on himself

How can a President of an country ban jokes on himself. Look at the photo, it seems he is laughing on himself. I don't know what kind of democracy is there in Pakistan. Being an Indian, I know there are many problems in India too, but this just overshadowed everything. Shame on you Mr. Zardari.

There are few jokes that I would like to present on Mr. Zardari. Come on Zardari catch me.

Zardari ka Farman

Subse pehlay sadar-e-Pakistan,
Mulk ko bana do Qabristan,
Khatam karo musalman,
Dollar hai apna Eman,
Or Obama hai Abba jaan

Zardari ko dekha to aisa laga

Jese khana kharab,
Jese total azaab,
Jesey Aadi faqeer,
Jesay murda zameer,
Jese Naasoor ho koii sartaa howaa,
Ek zardari ko dekha to aisa laga,
Jese bijli ka taar
Jese khanjar ki dhaar,
Jesey dozakh ki aag,
Jesey zehrila naag,
Jese garmi ki dhoop

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thousand Splendid Suns

Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

I just finished reading this book and tell you this is the most touching story I have ever read. No doubt Khaled had again done the remarkably good job after "The Kite Runner". I literally cried during the last few pages of "Thousand Splendid Suns". The way he portrayed the Afghan Women under the burqua is exceptional. He made me think that how tough the lives of these women in Afghanistan. Until now, I just see any burqua lady as a normal human being never bothered about them, but now I will see them differently- what they must be thinking inside that burqua by seeing other ladies/girls wearing skirts, working in offices. Their freedom is just limited to that burqua. The two characters in this story - Mariam and Laila are very strong women who have gone through many miseries in their life, their pain is unmeasurable. But still how they reacted to the situations, the decisions that they took truly deserves the appreciation. I recommend this book to all the book lovers.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Recession of Rains

As the world economy is now crippled by recession even God has become merciless. The rain God itself is affected by recession. This year in north India the rains are coming in bits and pieces. I have never seen such kind of monsoon season. It comes for 5 minutes and then whole week there are no signs of it. Imagine the condition of farmers who depend on these rains to produce agricultural products. I have seen pictures in newspapers, people praying for rain but all in vein.

Please God show some mercy and give us the beautiful season of monsoon with lots of rains as it was in previous years.

Monday, July 6, 2009

India Budget Highlights 2009-10

There are a lot of expectations from the finance minister this time around. The industry and the common man are waiting with bated breath to see what Pranab unveils for them. The stock market (BSE) opened up and gained 100 points and reached the figure of 15000. Here are some highlights of the budget:

1. Allocation for urban poor for provision for housing and basic amenities to be raised to Rs 3,973 crore in the current year.

2. Indian Infrastructure Finance Company Limited will re-finance commercial bank loans upto 60 per cent in critical projects through public private partnership to the tune of Rs 1,00,000 crore to raise investment in the sector.

3. Central assistance for storm-water drainage project increased to Rs 500 crore from Rs 200 crore in the interim budget.

4. Target for agriculture credit raised to Rs 3,25,000 crore in 2009-10 from Rs 287,000 crore.

5. Additional allocation of Rs 1,000 crore for accelerated irrigation project.

6. Govt to set up expert panel for petroleum product pricing as the domestic oil prices should be in tune with global prices.

7. Banks and insurance companies outside the divestment plan.

8. Saral Form II to be reintroduced, says FM. In 4 years, filing tax returns online to be made easier.

9. Rs 7,000 crore to rural electrification scheme.

10. Banks and insurance firms to remain in public sector.

11. Modernisation of national exployment exchanges to be carried out.

12. One lakh dwelling units for paramilitary forces personnel to be constructed.

13. Rs 2,113 crore allocated for IITs and new IITs.

14. Allocation for Commonwealth Games increased to Rs 3,472 crore from Rs 2,112 crore.

15. Total budget expenditure for 2009-10 will Rs 10,28,032 crore, crossing Rs 10 lakh crore mark for the first time since Independence.

16. Plan expenditure, for both Centre and States, to go up by Rs 61,000 crore over the interim budget.

17. Tax proposals! No change in Corporate Tax.

18. Defence gets Rs 1,41,703 crore for 2009-10, a 34 per cent hike from 2008-09 budgetary allocation of Rs 1,05,600 crore.

19. Tax proposals! Income Tax rates exemption limit to raised from Rs 180,000 to 190,000 for women.

20. Tax proposals! Income Tax rates exemption limit to 2.25,000 to 2,40,000 for senior citizens.

21. TAX: SURCHARGE ON income tax phased out.


23. Personal income tax exemption limit raised by Rs 10,000.

24. Commodities Transaction Tax abolished!


26. Personal income tax exemption limit for senior citizens raised by Rs 15,000.

As I am updating the details sensex continues to plummet: down 430.54 points to 14,482.51.

27. The first Unique Identification Card to citizens will roll out in 12-18 months.

28. 10 per cent surcharge on personal income tax removed.

29. 5% customs duty on set top boxes.

Markets down by 601 points. Thumbs down to budget.

30. Small businesses up to Rs 40 lakh (Rs 4 million0 turnover exempted from filing advance tax returns.

31. Income tax incentives on education loans expanded to cover vocational studies after schooling.

32. Small businesses up to Rs 40 lakh exempted from filing advance tax returns.

A tip: Aggressive investors should buy into textile stocks which are now available at dirt cheap prices

33. Indian Union Budget 2009-2010: Spending on higher education to be increased and allocation of Rs 2130 crore to set up more IIT and NIITs. A central university has been proposed in each state, says Pranab

34. Customs duty on LCD panels halved from 10% to 5%.

35. Customs Duty to be reduced on drugs for heart treatment.

36. Customs duty on gold and silver import increased.

37. There will be an imposition of 5% custom duty on set top boxes. Hence this is very bad news for Dish TV, Sun TV, Airtel, Videocon and WWIL.

Sensex down by 710 points

negative 743 now

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting bored in office?

I just come across a mail where some interesting ideas are given to pass your time in office, when getting bored. Here are they:
1. Form a detective agency to find out who is quitting
2. Make blank calls to your Boss.
3. Count your fingers (and toes if you get bored).
4. Rearrange the furniture, i.e. flick someone else
chair just to irritate him/her.
5. Send mails from ms-mail to your internet mail (and
immediately get to the internet and see who reaches
first, you or your mail?) and read them there, and
note down the time they take to reach there.
6. Watch other people changing their facial
expressions while working and try changing your
expressions also.
7. Try to stretch status meetings as longer as
possible, just by asking silly doubts.
8. Have work breaks in between tea.
9. Have a two hour lunch; it's a big social occasion.
10. Read jokes and send jokes.
11. Revise last week's newspaper.
12. Hold "How fast my computer boots" competitions.
13. Practice aiming the coffee cup into the dustbin.
14. Compile "How to waste your day"
15. Pick up phone and dial non existing no.s
16. Make faces at strangers in office.
17. Count maximum no of applications your computer can
open at a time.
18. For Win NT/95 users....Move things to Recycle bin
and restore them.. Then repeat this process.
19. Look at someone & try to imagine how(s) he might
have looked when(s) he was 5 years old.
20. Learn to whistle.
21. Make full use of the comfortable chair and table
provided and take a nap.

PS: This stuff is copy/pasted from somewhere.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally, it rained in Delhi

Morning Rain

In the morning I woke up and felt a big relief when I found that its raining. I went out and felt rain drops on my body and it was really a very good feeling. We all were waiting for this rain and finally it arrived. If there would have been a holiday, I have gone to India Gate. We all know how good that place becomes during rains.

But right now I am in office, looking outside the window and its damn hot :(

Friday, June 26, 2009

The day of tragedy-Michael Jackson

Good bye MJ.

It was really a very sad day to hear the news of death of King of Pop- Michael Jackson. From the childhood, I admired his dance and music. He made the album Thriller in 1982 which was one of the biggest selling album worldwide and I was not even born then. I guess, I heard this album first in 1996 and tell you I was dancing with all my friends. From that day I used to listen to all his songs, watch all his videos.

Then he took a break from this profession and returned again with his song "you rock my world" and I still remember, channel [V], was showing this song every 2 minutes for whole day. I think that was one of the greatest come backs.

Later on, he was involved in some of controversies but I will not talk about that as I just admire his talent and not his personal life. Also during his final days, he was about to make biggest comebacks once again but unfortunately, we will not see it. But truly I will miss Michael Jackson's dance and music.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So here is another quote from the series which I found very interesting.

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell"

Might be true.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I will survive.

Surviving difficult times

I think this year has not been so good for me in fact now I think it is going to be a disaster. Well there are many things which went wrong in my life this year. I really want to speak about them here, I want to throw them out from my mind, from my memory but I cant do that. They will follow me like anything and it will take long time to get things normal.

I cant tell how frustrated I am feeling. Its just for the sake of society that I am living two facet life. One to show others as if I am very happy and the other which only I know.

But I am sure, time will change. There will come a morning when I don't have to think about these problems anymore. I feel that someone will going to rescue me. Even if there is nobody I will survive this difficult time/year and I am sure I will succeed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Destination Jabalpur

I visited one orkut profile and there I find the pictures of this amazing place. I never expected this kind of scenery in India. This place is called as bhedaghat and it is in Jabalpur. The movie "Asoka" song was pictured here. This river is "Narmada". The view is so unreal.

These rocks are 100 feet high and the scenery is amazing. You can do boating here and when you go in between these rocks, you will find peace and tranquility.

I was just amazed with the pictures that this guy stored in his profile. The pictures which I uploaded are from google. This place is very far from New Delhi (814 km) otherwise I would have visited this place on any weekend. There are lots of other destinations which you can visit in Jabalpur. Kanha National Park is a tourist attraction and the chances of finding a Tiger there is 100%. I will keep this destination in my touring list and will definitely go there in future.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Switching option

There are many insurance companies in India providing insurance to individuals. They have both simple insurance plans and ULIPs (Unit link Insurance Policy). Many people holds the insurance ULIP policies these days.

How ULIPs works?

The premium which we pay for our insurance also gets invested in stock market and other investments. Almost all insurance companies have various investment plans under ULIP. There are all equity plans (all the money invested in share market), all debt plans (money invested in govt. bonds and securities) or the combination of both these plans. These companies also give one option where we can switch these plans based on the market conditions.

People are either not too educated about it or they dont know how to use this option and at what time. The policy which I have, has 3 switch options free in one year. Earlier my money was invested in combination of all equity and debt plan. But as we all see now that markets are improving, I switched my plan to all debt. And now when I check the NAV of this plan it is increasing at very fast rate. It means if I would have not used this option, my fund value would be increasing slowly.

Therefore, I suggest all those people who are having such policies to make use of this option.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I just heard this hilarious quote today. Tell me what do you guys think about it.

"Good guys goes to heaven, bad guys goes to women"


Women's Rights

I sometimes feel that woman in this country (India) has been given some extra rights to which they take undue advantage. I am not completely against woman's rights because I have seen that earlier, women are always been degraded.

The one instance that I want to mention here is that, I go office in a pool cab. Four gents and three women. All four of us belong to same office i.e. my company and these three women (two in one office and one in some other). We have this cab and a driver. These two girls don't say anything about cab and seats. But this one girl who recently joined us wants always to sit in the front or middle seats. She don't want to sit at back. Her pick up is last from her house and her office. We occupy all the front and middle seats as we got picked early. But she says, that these (us) guys don't care or have respect for women. We all are paying for the cab and her pick up is last, so what can we do about it. We cant leave middle seats vacant and sit at the back and wait for this girl's pickup so that she can sit on those vacant seats.

Yesterday, I was at the Rohini (West) metro station. It was very crowded. There was huge line to get the tokens. I think there were 200-300 people in front of me in the line. Earlier, ladies were in the same line, then suddenly one woman guard came and told all the ladies to make a separate line and they will get the tokens first. Come on now, we are waiting for 1 hour to get the token and now these girls will get their tokens in seconds. I was literally very very tired. Some people who are accompanied with women told them to be in that line and collect those tokens. That makes sense but still woman has always been looked before man. Even on Delhi busses there are seats reserved for women. Now a days, we talk about that women are not behind men in any field but they still want that reservation everywhere.

See I don't have that male ego and I respect woman and also feel that somewhere these rights are absolutely necessary for them. But taking advantage of them is wrong.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Australians are aggressive?

I have seen now many instances when I found that Australians are very aggressive kind of people. Not all of them but I think the upcoming generation there is getting more and more aggressive. They are very proudy kind of people. Though everyone should be proud of his/her country but not at the cost of other people's lives.

There are news of Indians being attacked by Australians every now and then. Today only I have read the news that one cabby from Hyderabad has been assaulted in the incident in Melbourne. Where can we start with-Andrew Symonds? This guy is one hell of a irritating person I have ever seen in the cricket field. Not once, but twice. The famous Harbhajan brawl and then with Ishant Sharma. This guy got out (clean bowled) by Ishant and see his guts, he is abusing Ishant like anything. That was very funny, whole India laughed at Andrew Symonds. Ishant has done the right thing by showing him the way to pavillion. Well I should not mix politics with cricket but these things comes in mind when we hear such horrible news. So I thought of mentioning this incident.

So now coming back to recent attacks on Indians. Earlier, Austraila was one of the safest places on earth. The crime rate their was very low. The old people there, are very helpful and they are nature loving. But this generation, I think something went wrong. I would also mention here that when these people come to India, they experience the same. They get assaulted, raped, robbed, etc, etc.

There is one instance that I want to share here. I was at the Ahmednagar railway station (near Pune) to board the Jhelum Express sometime back. These two Australians (Guy and a Girl) were also there to board the same train. Time was around 8 in the night. They have their reservation in 3 tier compartment, and we have the reservation in AC 3 tier. They were going to Agra. At the same time, there was one rally going on in Delhi and lots of people were there at the station to board Jhelum Express without tickets to attend the rally. I was with my brother and cousin. We have started talking to these Australians. We told them that it will be tough for them to board the train after seeing this crowd. It was then decided that I will stay with them to help them board the train because they have very heavy luggage and then come to my compartment as the train's compartment was interconnected. The train arrived at the platform and then it was chaos all around. We ran towards their compartment, and saw at each compartment atleast 20-25 people were boarding the train. We were just waiting to let them board the train, but the rush was never ending. So I told them, that its time to go in. It was december cold and I was sweating like in the heat of June. At last we entered the bogey, but there was no place to sit. Their berths has already been occupied with hooligans, who are not ready to leave the seat. At last I requested them, that these are foreigners, what will they think of us if we do this to them. So they offerred two seats at top berth. These guys were just looking each other's face and mine. I told them that there is no need to worry. They are in great numbers so I told them not to argue with them. You are lucky that you have got this seat. I exchanged phone numbers and told them, that I will see if any berth is available at my compartment and then I will come to take them with me. But then I have to move to my compartment first. The train was fully packed and I cant move a inch.

At last train stopped at the outer of some station. I went down and ran towards my bogey. And finally I boarded the train again. Here there is a complete different atmosphere. There was no noise and my brother got worried about me. But even the AC compartment was full. I was very tired and not at all in a position to go their compartment again. In the morning, I told my cousin that these guys are really in very tough conditions. So again at one station me and my cousin went down and ran towards their compartment. We reached there compartment and found they were still sitting in the same position, without any food. There eyes look very tired. They told us that they couldnt sleep whole night. We told them to wait for the next station and then we will go to our compartment. Then came the next station, and we again ran towards their compartment. Their luggage was very heavy, so it was very difficult for us to run. But finally we reached. I offerred them top berths and something to eat. After eating they just slept. I told them that I will wake them when Agra will about to come. I think it was 5-6hours still left in Agra station.

I woke them up when Agra was near. They got their bags packed after a sound sleep. We wished them happy journey and clicked their photo. They told us that they are also coming to Delhi and then they will treat us. I said its ok. So we again met at New Delhi after 2 days and we had a good time.

Oh! this post was supposed to be all about attacks on Indians, see where it ended. But I still feel that these people are very nice. But dont know what is happening over there now.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Alone

Have you guys ever lived alone in a big house? Well last two days of mine were like this. You know its a kind of mixed feeling. I was happy that there will be nobody in the house and I can do anything that I want, live my life my way but at the same time lots of responsibilities- Milk wallah (milk man), maid, water supply, watering the plants, etc.

After reaching home in the evening, it is all my den. First thing that I did was giving water to plants. It took some 30 minutes and I was tired. So I made myself rasna (cool refreshing mango drink) and felt relaxed. I opened my laptop and started checking office mails. After completing it, I checked my personal mails and chatted with few of my friends. Then I switched on the TV and watched seabiscuit, it was just ending so I saw that part. Then again switching between channels, I find nothing interesting, so turned it off. I dont know cooking at all, but only maggi, tea and sandwiches. So I thought, Maggi would be the good idea. I ate that and what to do now. In the beginning it was very exciting, but as the night kept on unfolding, it was getting boring and boring.

In the end there was nothing to do and I went to sleep.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vienna attacks-Sikhs

I don't understand why people are fighting in India for what has happened in Vienna so far away. How many Sikh families are living over there? I don't think above 300 families. And they are still fighting. Come on don't they have anything to do? You guys are living distant away from India and you have not resisted politicizing and creating caste and religion problems even there. What will these foreigners think about us. This is what we have learned. I have heard people in US (both Indians and Pakis) watching India-Pakistan match in a theater and there was no violence or anything like that. This is such a good example and you guys are Indian and fighting with fellow Indians. What I am hearing now is these attacks are pre-planned.

Moreover, here in India these people are destroying public property like anything. What will they get from it? The life of the priest who has been killed there would not return. What will you get by burning a train or a bus. These guys are not motivated by anybody, they are self motivated. This is what they have learned from the childhood.

Curfew has been lifted now from Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, etc but still these religious groups has announced Punjab Bandh.

Chatting Experiences

Hi all!!

I want to share some of my experiences that I had since 2002 while chatting on Yahoo Messenger. I have been chatting for long time as early as 2002 when it was quite a revolution. Cyber cafes were over crowded, we had to take waiting coupons to get inside and surf internet. People were just addicted and crazy about internet at that time.

Teacher and Student Bunking

One really funny incident that I remembered- I used to go to my computer class in the evening (5:30 to 7:30) at CMC. I decided to bunk that class and went to cyber cafe. What I find out there that my Sir was also bunking his class and he too was chatting there. We both laughed at each other. He was just 3-4 years elder to me so I can imagine him doing the same. From that day, we have become good friends.

Rs. 200 for recharge

There is one girl who is added in my friend list. She used to always ask me Rs. 200 to recharge her cellphone. I dont know why she always ask for 200, not 100, 300 but only 200. Whenever I find her online I tell her that to take Rs. 200 and she starts chatting and then ask for Rs. 200 recharge coupon code. She says that "I will give you my phone number just give me Rs. 200 recharge coupon code". Come on that is really crazy.

Webcam Chat

This one is bit naughty. It was I think 5-6 years ago. My dad bought me a webcam. I went to some foreign chat rooms and there is one girl who asked me to open my cam. I said ok but you first. She opened her cam and by God she was very beautiful. I opened my cam too. We were just chatting, then suddenly she asked me to remove my shirt, and said that she will do the same. I was just crazy about the idea, said Ok. I removed my shirt, and she did the same. She was wearing nothing inside. Man...that was beauty. It was not over yet. Then she asked me to remove my pants. Hey I was clever enough this time. I said now you first and she did that. God, it was a great day. Though I did not removed my pants and said her goobye.

There are many more but I always keep my post short. So I am ending here...


Monday, May 25, 2009

Ten Tips for Writing a Blog Post

This is a quick one!!

I am working on my blog to make it visible to more and more readers. Its interesting sometimes, the thing which I never heard of, taking most of my time these days. Yes its blogging and I am loving it. I am seriously looking to increase the traffic of my blog and by doing so, I have found a very good article. Here is the link.

I hope it will help many others to increase their readership. Happy blogging guys!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tracking a portfolio company

For the last 6 months I am playing the rediff share bazaar game. It helped me learn lots of things, how the share market going, which company is most and least volatile. I observed 2 companies which are giving great returns during this time period.
First is, Maruti Suzuki,

Second, Bharti Airtel

I have made 2 charts to show how these companies' share has performed for the last 6 months. Both the companies has made significant growth and I think in the long run these company's share will reach greater than 1000 mark.

Bharti Airtel (BOM:532454)

Maruti Suzuki Ltd. (BOM:532500)

In the recession also, these stocks are performing exceptionally good. All over the world, automobile market has suffered but maruti suzuki is still making profits. Same with bharti airtel, the company is growing at a very fast pace. These are the stocks to invest for long term.

Friday, May 22, 2009

South Park comes to India

Finally "South Park" is here in India.

These days you can find these hoardings at numerous places. I see two of them on my way to office.

Well this is the show I was waiting for, to come to Indian channels. Though I feel Tom & Jerry, Popeye still rocks, but we needed something for mature audiences. Now this show will give me the reason to watch TV. Otherwise, I just watch cricket matches. This guy Eric Theodore Cartmen truly rocks in the series. I love that song- "Shut your f*****g, face mother f****r....

I want to thank VH1 for making this possible. Earlier, I used to see the episodes on internet, it takes so much of time in buffering and all that, but from now on its hassle free viewing. So all the South Park fans...happy viewing...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Travelling is fun..

From the childhood, I loved the word traveling. Whenever my parents told me that we are going somewhere, I feel so excited that I prepared for the trip from then only. I have been to many places when I was small though in India only. I have traveled to the South (mysore, ooty, bangalore), to the north (Kashmir, Amarnath and other hill stations), west (jaipur) but not towards east. I really want to visit Sikkim, Darjeeling and those far east places.

But right now, travelling word has been deleted from my life. Its been ages since I last went out somewhere. I desperately need a break and wanted to go out somewhere I can find peace, tranquility and something to explore. I am looking forward to the camping kind of stuff where I can climb mountains and do trekking, rappelling, kayaking, etc. There are many places in India where we can do such stuff.

There is a place near Nainital, 50 kms to be exact- it is called as Mukteshwar where we can do all these activities.
Mukteshwar is located on one of the highest ridges in the middle Kumaon and apart from breathtaking Himalayan views, it is also known for its fruit orchards. Here, we can find Adventure Holiday Camps and Trekking in Himalayas. Superb place to visit. My next destination will surely gonna be this place.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new search engine competing google

Few days back, I received a mail from one of my colleague about a new search engine which is going to hit the market in May. So I bookmarked its address. Today I checked it, and I found it very interesting. It searches not for pages but the result itself. In other words it does not show the pages like google does but it shows the actual result of that search. I know you guys must be curious about this website. Here is the link:

The one thing that I found very interesting is comparing two or more companies. It gives us some very useful information and I think it will help the portfolio managers and financial analysts who are interested in financial health of the companies. There are many other interesting features like search for a particular date and you will find all the details of that day. For eg. sunset time, sunrise time, etc. I think that is really some cool stuff.

Still there is time to beat google yet, but I think such innovations will really make google something to think about.

I think everybody should once check and explore this link.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks for encouraging!!

The last post of mine was about my life which is so dull these days. But thanks to the people who commented on it and encouraged me to write more and more even if I do not have anything new happening in life.

Therefore, I will start writing about things which I like to do. I am interested towards share market trends, like how it is going, what are the companies to invest in for better returns. Though I never invested in share market in real but I play a share market game, where I invest Rs. 100000 virtually in different companies and then see how they are performing in the stock market.

Yesterday, Indian stock market opened like anything. Can you believe it, the market was +1300 in the first 16 seconds. All because, India has voted for a stable government after a very long time. And the investors are confident about it that no 3rd front or other allies will block the reforms in India now. There is a rule that if market moves more than 10% in a day up or down, it will shut down for 1 hour, if for 15% then for 2 hours and if more than that, it will be closed for entire day. And yesterday market was up by 17% and it was closed for entire day. So that was something like once in a life time experience. Many people would have become 'crorepatis' from 'lakhpatis' from yesterday.

This is the kind of push that Indian market needed and now the confidence has again build up. Now I should seriously start thinking about investing in market.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing new in life

Its been long time since I last posted on the blog, but still I don't have anything to share. There are times when life becomes still, nowhere to go. It just keeps you so busy, that you don't have time to do anything new. So I am waiting for something new to happen in life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dare Devils Vs. Super Kings

Absolutely Amazing Match!!!
Both the Kings are now being defeated by devils. It sounds strange but its true. Delhi Dare Devils have tamed Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. But this last match was thriller. First of all it is AB's (De Villers) and Dilshan's batting and then superb bowling and fielding effort by Dare Devils. I couldnt watch the first innings, its very sad as I was in office but cheered AB from my workstation. I was watching score online. Great innings by a great player. Dilshan played equally important innings after Delhi lost 2 early wickets that too of star players.

I was able to watch the second innings and really it was great team effort. We got 2 out of 2. I wish these guys more success. Keep going Delhi. Good luck!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Delhi Dare Devils!!!

The IPL is back and I am so happy. I am a huge fan of Delhi Dare Devils, as I live in Delhi. Today I saw Dare Devils Vs. Kings XI Punjab on my 40 inches LCD. Tell you it is so fun and entertaining watching these IPL matches on big screens.

The Cheerleaders were amazing. I am more happy for Delhi Dare Devils as they won their first match. And wat to say about Sehwag he just blasted Kings XI bowlers all around the park. Hats off to him. I wish more success to Delhi Dare Devils. Do well guys!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interesting Article!!

I am reading an article by "Devita Saraf", CEO of Vu Technologies and Executive Director of Zenith computers. There is one paragraph which is -

"But here's my worry: Children in India and across Asia are burning out too soon due to their hectic schedules. And they are losing out their motivation to succeed in their careers because by the time they have completed college, they are looking forward to retirement. Notice how many people between 25 and 35 years old have a Facebook status commenting on their desperate need for a weekend or a vacation."

I think she is absolutely right and even I feel the same. Every weekend I feel like going somewhere and discuss this with friends. Students in India are given unnecessary pressure during their boards. Moreover, parents also take pressure on themselves which I think should not happen as the child will feel more burden. In this article she is comparing Indian Education with US Education system. Though she feels that education here in India is more competitive but it almost exhaust the beautiful life of a child.

What I feel, that there should be a proper balance of US and Indian Education system. Also there should be a hobby class compulsory in schools.

I think everybody should read this article. Here is the link to the full article-

Thursday, April 9, 2009

There are few songs!!!(updated pics)

I am in office right now. Today boss is on leave so I have all the time to write a post. Well my office is on 15th floor of a building, and I have a window seat (lucky eh??).

There are few songs which make you feel so good. Right now I am listening to "Dreams on fire" from Slumdog Millionnaire, and looking at the view from a window outside. The view is absolutely amazing. You can see the Aravali hills from my seat and a road which is going towards them. Traffic on the road is smooth and you can see busses and cars moving. Not many other buildings are nearby so there is lot of emply land and few houses.

Before going further, I want to tell you that I am adventure sports lover. Yes so coming back to the song, it just feels so good listening to it and looking at the view. I just wanted to go to those hills which can be seen and the song perfectly suits the mood. The road is just going towards it and never ending. It is just a dream of mine to go on this road and reach those beautiful mountains and climb them and see what is behind them. Surely I will gonna do this some day.

There are few pics as requested by my blogging friend of the view and the mountains. You can see at the far there are mountains and a road going towards it, which I was talking about. Also I have one pic of the parking.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Voter/Candidate eligibility

Just heard the news that Sanjay Dutt is not approved to stand in the elections because there are charges against him. I am not into politics at all nor I am interested in it. Also I am not a fan of Sanjay Dutt, but a thought came into my mind when I heard this.

People say that guys who have criminal cases against them should not be allowed to stand in elections. I inquired from someone that people who are in jails also vote during elections. I think that they should also not be allowed to vote for anybody because they have criminal cases against them. Also, why should people be allowed to vote who have done some kind of crime.

What do you guys think? Please comment!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrating Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with friends and colleagues. It was totally an amazing day and at the end of it I was dead tired.

It all started at night before my birthday. My mobile phone kept on ringing for 45 minutes with calls and messages. First one to wish me, was my Sir who taught me at CMC from Bangalore and from then on I was just responded to the wishes for the next 45 minutes. I had to go office next day, wanted to sleep but couldn't. But I am lucky that so many friends remembered my birthday. The last call ended at 12:47 AM and then I finally slept.

In the morning I woke up and again saw 6 messages were there. I got ready for office took my cab and came to office. Here I was just happy to see people coming to my workstation and wishing me. Then it was just a usual work and in the evening my team members ordered cake from 'Sugar N Spice' and we celebrated my birthday. Here are some pics.

They tried to put the cake on my face.
And then in the evening I celebrated my birthday with college friends. I invited them at the famous restaurant in Green Park. We all were meeting together after very very long time, so we were very excited. So we all met at 7:45 and enjoyed the moment together remembering our college life as well as talking about our current life which is so boring now. There are some pics and you will see how much we enjoyed:

Thank God!! They forget to gave me birthday bumps!!!!