Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Alone

Have you guys ever lived alone in a big house? Well last two days of mine were like this. You know its a kind of mixed feeling. I was happy that there will be nobody in the house and I can do anything that I want, live my life my way but at the same time lots of responsibilities- Milk wallah (milk man), maid, water supply, watering the plants, etc.

After reaching home in the evening, it is all my den. First thing that I did was giving water to plants. It took some 30 minutes and I was tired. So I made myself rasna (cool refreshing mango drink) and felt relaxed. I opened my laptop and started checking office mails. After completing it, I checked my personal mails and chatted with few of my friends. Then I switched on the TV and watched seabiscuit, it was just ending so I saw that part. Then again switching between channels, I find nothing interesting, so turned it off. I dont know cooking at all, but only maggi, tea and sandwiches. So I thought, Maggi would be the good idea. I ate that and what to do now. In the beginning it was very exciting, but as the night kept on unfolding, it was getting boring and boring.

In the end there was nothing to do and I went to sleep.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vienna attacks-Sikhs

I don't understand why people are fighting in India for what has happened in Vienna so far away. How many Sikh families are living over there? I don't think above 300 families. And they are still fighting. Come on don't they have anything to do? You guys are living distant away from India and you have not resisted politicizing and creating caste and religion problems even there. What will these foreigners think about us. This is what we have learned. I have heard people in US (both Indians and Pakis) watching India-Pakistan match in a theater and there was no violence or anything like that. This is such a good example and you guys are Indian and fighting with fellow Indians. What I am hearing now is these attacks are pre-planned.

Moreover, here in India these people are destroying public property like anything. What will they get from it? The life of the priest who has been killed there would not return. What will you get by burning a train or a bus. These guys are not motivated by anybody, they are self motivated. This is what they have learned from the childhood.

Curfew has been lifted now from Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, etc but still these religious groups has announced Punjab Bandh.

Chatting Experiences

Hi all!!

I want to share some of my experiences that I had since 2002 while chatting on Yahoo Messenger. I have been chatting for long time as early as 2002 when it was quite a revolution. Cyber cafes were over crowded, we had to take waiting coupons to get inside and surf internet. People were just addicted and crazy about internet at that time.

Teacher and Student Bunking

One really funny incident that I remembered- I used to go to my computer class in the evening (5:30 to 7:30) at CMC. I decided to bunk that class and went to cyber cafe. What I find out there that my Sir was also bunking his class and he too was chatting there. We both laughed at each other. He was just 3-4 years elder to me so I can imagine him doing the same. From that day, we have become good friends.

Rs. 200 for recharge

There is one girl who is added in my friend list. She used to always ask me Rs. 200 to recharge her cellphone. I dont know why she always ask for 200, not 100, 300 but only 200. Whenever I find her online I tell her that to take Rs. 200 and she starts chatting and then ask for Rs. 200 recharge coupon code. She says that "I will give you my phone number just give me Rs. 200 recharge coupon code". Come on that is really crazy.

Webcam Chat

This one is bit naughty. It was I think 5-6 years ago. My dad bought me a webcam. I went to some foreign chat rooms and there is one girl who asked me to open my cam. I said ok but you first. She opened her cam and by God she was very beautiful. I opened my cam too. We were just chatting, then suddenly she asked me to remove my shirt, and said that she will do the same. I was just crazy about the idea, said Ok. I removed my shirt, and she did the same. She was wearing nothing inside. Man...that was beauty. It was not over yet. Then she asked me to remove my pants. Hey I was clever enough this time. I said now you first and she did that. God, it was a great day. Though I did not removed my pants and said her goobye.

There are many more but I always keep my post short. So I am ending here...


Monday, May 25, 2009

Ten Tips for Writing a Blog Post

This is a quick one!!

I am working on my blog to make it visible to more and more readers. Its interesting sometimes, the thing which I never heard of, taking most of my time these days. Yes its blogging and I am loving it. I am seriously looking to increase the traffic of my blog and by doing so, I have found a very good article. Here is the link.

I hope it will help many others to increase their readership. Happy blogging guys!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tracking a portfolio company

For the last 6 months I am playing the rediff share bazaar game. It helped me learn lots of things, how the share market going, which company is most and least volatile. I observed 2 companies which are giving great returns during this time period.
First is, Maruti Suzuki,

Second, Bharti Airtel

I have made 2 charts to show how these companies' share has performed for the last 6 months. Both the companies has made significant growth and I think in the long run these company's share will reach greater than 1000 mark.

Bharti Airtel (BOM:532454)

Maruti Suzuki Ltd. (BOM:532500)

In the recession also, these stocks are performing exceptionally good. All over the world, automobile market has suffered but maruti suzuki is still making profits. Same with bharti airtel, the company is growing at a very fast pace. These are the stocks to invest for long term.

Friday, May 22, 2009

South Park comes to India

Finally "South Park" is here in India.

These days you can find these hoardings at numerous places. I see two of them on my way to office.

Well this is the show I was waiting for, to come to Indian channels. Though I feel Tom & Jerry, Popeye still rocks, but we needed something for mature audiences. Now this show will give me the reason to watch TV. Otherwise, I just watch cricket matches. This guy Eric Theodore Cartmen truly rocks in the series. I love that song- "Shut your f*****g, face mother f****r....

I want to thank VH1 for making this possible. Earlier, I used to see the episodes on internet, it takes so much of time in buffering and all that, but from now on its hassle free viewing. So all the South Park fans...happy viewing...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Travelling is fun..

From the childhood, I loved the word traveling. Whenever my parents told me that we are going somewhere, I feel so excited that I prepared for the trip from then only. I have been to many places when I was small though in India only. I have traveled to the South (mysore, ooty, bangalore), to the north (Kashmir, Amarnath and other hill stations), west (jaipur) but not towards east. I really want to visit Sikkim, Darjeeling and those far east places.

But right now, travelling word has been deleted from my life. Its been ages since I last went out somewhere. I desperately need a break and wanted to go out somewhere I can find peace, tranquility and something to explore. I am looking forward to the camping kind of stuff where I can climb mountains and do trekking, rappelling, kayaking, etc. There are many places in India where we can do such stuff.

There is a place near Nainital, 50 kms to be exact- it is called as Mukteshwar where we can do all these activities.
Mukteshwar is located on one of the highest ridges in the middle Kumaon and apart from breathtaking Himalayan views, it is also known for its fruit orchards. Here, we can find Adventure Holiday Camps and Trekking in Himalayas. Superb place to visit. My next destination will surely gonna be this place.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new search engine competing google

Few days back, I received a mail from one of my colleague about a new search engine which is going to hit the market in May. So I bookmarked its address. Today I checked it, and I found it very interesting. It searches not for pages but the result itself. In other words it does not show the pages like google does but it shows the actual result of that search. I know you guys must be curious about this website. Here is the link:

The one thing that I found very interesting is comparing two or more companies. It gives us some very useful information and I think it will help the portfolio managers and financial analysts who are interested in financial health of the companies. There are many other interesting features like search for a particular date and you will find all the details of that day. For eg. sunset time, sunrise time, etc. I think that is really some cool stuff.

Still there is time to beat google yet, but I think such innovations will really make google something to think about.

I think everybody should once check and explore this link.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks for encouraging!!

The last post of mine was about my life which is so dull these days. But thanks to the people who commented on it and encouraged me to write more and more even if I do not have anything new happening in life.

Therefore, I will start writing about things which I like to do. I am interested towards share market trends, like how it is going, what are the companies to invest in for better returns. Though I never invested in share market in real but I play a share market game, where I invest Rs. 100000 virtually in different companies and then see how they are performing in the stock market.

Yesterday, Indian stock market opened like anything. Can you believe it, the market was +1300 in the first 16 seconds. All because, India has voted for a stable government after a very long time. And the investors are confident about it that no 3rd front or other allies will block the reforms in India now. There is a rule that if market moves more than 10% in a day up or down, it will shut down for 1 hour, if for 15% then for 2 hours and if more than that, it will be closed for entire day. And yesterday market was up by 17% and it was closed for entire day. So that was something like once in a life time experience. Many people would have become 'crorepatis' from 'lakhpatis' from yesterday.

This is the kind of push that Indian market needed and now the confidence has again build up. Now I should seriously start thinking about investing in market.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing new in life

Its been long time since I last posted on the blog, but still I don't have anything to share. There are times when life becomes still, nowhere to go. It just keeps you so busy, that you don't have time to do anything new. So I am waiting for something new to happen in life.