Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally, it rained in Delhi

Morning Rain

In the morning I woke up and felt a big relief when I found that its raining. I went out and felt rain drops on my body and it was really a very good feeling. We all were waiting for this rain and finally it arrived. If there would have been a holiday, I have gone to India Gate. We all know how good that place becomes during rains.

But right now I am in office, looking outside the window and its damn hot :(

Friday, June 26, 2009

The day of tragedy-Michael Jackson

Good bye MJ.

It was really a very sad day to hear the news of death of King of Pop- Michael Jackson. From the childhood, I admired his dance and music. He made the album Thriller in 1982 which was one of the biggest selling album worldwide and I was not even born then. I guess, I heard this album first in 1996 and tell you I was dancing with all my friends. From that day I used to listen to all his songs, watch all his videos.

Then he took a break from this profession and returned again with his song "you rock my world" and I still remember, channel [V], was showing this song every 2 minutes for whole day. I think that was one of the greatest come backs.

Later on, he was involved in some of controversies but I will not talk about that as I just admire his talent and not his personal life. Also during his final days, he was about to make biggest comebacks once again but unfortunately, we will not see it. But truly I will miss Michael Jackson's dance and music.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So here is another quote from the series which I found very interesting.

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell"

Might be true.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I will survive.

Surviving difficult times

I think this year has not been so good for me in fact now I think it is going to be a disaster. Well there are many things which went wrong in my life this year. I really want to speak about them here, I want to throw them out from my mind, from my memory but I cant do that. They will follow me like anything and it will take long time to get things normal.

I cant tell how frustrated I am feeling. Its just for the sake of society that I am living two facet life. One to show others as if I am very happy and the other which only I know.

But I am sure, time will change. There will come a morning when I don't have to think about these problems anymore. I feel that someone will going to rescue me. Even if there is nobody I will survive this difficult time/year and I am sure I will succeed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Destination Jabalpur

I visited one orkut profile and there I find the pictures of this amazing place. I never expected this kind of scenery in India. This place is called as bhedaghat and it is in Jabalpur. The movie "Asoka" song was pictured here. This river is "Narmada". The view is so unreal.

These rocks are 100 feet high and the scenery is amazing. You can do boating here and when you go in between these rocks, you will find peace and tranquility.

I was just amazed with the pictures that this guy stored in his profile. The pictures which I uploaded are from google. This place is very far from New Delhi (814 km) otherwise I would have visited this place on any weekend. There are lots of other destinations which you can visit in Jabalpur. Kanha National Park is a tourist attraction and the chances of finding a Tiger there is 100%. I will keep this destination in my touring list and will definitely go there in future.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Switching option

There are many insurance companies in India providing insurance to individuals. They have both simple insurance plans and ULIPs (Unit link Insurance Policy). Many people holds the insurance ULIP policies these days.

How ULIPs works?

The premium which we pay for our insurance also gets invested in stock market and other investments. Almost all insurance companies have various investment plans under ULIP. There are all equity plans (all the money invested in share market), all debt plans (money invested in govt. bonds and securities) or the combination of both these plans. These companies also give one option where we can switch these plans based on the market conditions.

People are either not too educated about it or they dont know how to use this option and at what time. The policy which I have, has 3 switch options free in one year. Earlier my money was invested in combination of all equity and debt plan. But as we all see now that markets are improving, I switched my plan to all debt. And now when I check the NAV of this plan it is increasing at very fast rate. It means if I would have not used this option, my fund value would be increasing slowly.

Therefore, I suggest all those people who are having such policies to make use of this option.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I just heard this hilarious quote today. Tell me what do you guys think about it.

"Good guys goes to heaven, bad guys goes to women"


Women's Rights

I sometimes feel that woman in this country (India) has been given some extra rights to which they take undue advantage. I am not completely against woman's rights because I have seen that earlier, women are always been degraded.

The one instance that I want to mention here is that, I go office in a pool cab. Four gents and three women. All four of us belong to same office i.e. my company and these three women (two in one office and one in some other). We have this cab and a driver. These two girls don't say anything about cab and seats. But this one girl who recently joined us wants always to sit in the front or middle seats. She don't want to sit at back. Her pick up is last from her house and her office. We occupy all the front and middle seats as we got picked early. But she says, that these (us) guys don't care or have respect for women. We all are paying for the cab and her pick up is last, so what can we do about it. We cant leave middle seats vacant and sit at the back and wait for this girl's pickup so that she can sit on those vacant seats.

Yesterday, I was at the Rohini (West) metro station. It was very crowded. There was huge line to get the tokens. I think there were 200-300 people in front of me in the line. Earlier, ladies were in the same line, then suddenly one woman guard came and told all the ladies to make a separate line and they will get the tokens first. Come on now, we are waiting for 1 hour to get the token and now these girls will get their tokens in seconds. I was literally very very tired. Some people who are accompanied with women told them to be in that line and collect those tokens. That makes sense but still woman has always been looked before man. Even on Delhi busses there are seats reserved for women. Now a days, we talk about that women are not behind men in any field but they still want that reservation everywhere.

See I don't have that male ego and I respect woman and also feel that somewhere these rights are absolutely necessary for them. But taking advantage of them is wrong.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Australians are aggressive?

I have seen now many instances when I found that Australians are very aggressive kind of people. Not all of them but I think the upcoming generation there is getting more and more aggressive. They are very proudy kind of people. Though everyone should be proud of his/her country but not at the cost of other people's lives.

There are news of Indians being attacked by Australians every now and then. Today only I have read the news that one cabby from Hyderabad has been assaulted in the incident in Melbourne. Where can we start with-Andrew Symonds? This guy is one hell of a irritating person I have ever seen in the cricket field. Not once, but twice. The famous Harbhajan brawl and then with Ishant Sharma. This guy got out (clean bowled) by Ishant and see his guts, he is abusing Ishant like anything. That was very funny, whole India laughed at Andrew Symonds. Ishant has done the right thing by showing him the way to pavillion. Well I should not mix politics with cricket but these things comes in mind when we hear such horrible news. So I thought of mentioning this incident.

So now coming back to recent attacks on Indians. Earlier, Austraila was one of the safest places on earth. The crime rate their was very low. The old people there, are very helpful and they are nature loving. But this generation, I think something went wrong. I would also mention here that when these people come to India, they experience the same. They get assaulted, raped, robbed, etc, etc.

There is one instance that I want to share here. I was at the Ahmednagar railway station (near Pune) to board the Jhelum Express sometime back. These two Australians (Guy and a Girl) were also there to board the same train. Time was around 8 in the night. They have their reservation in 3 tier compartment, and we have the reservation in AC 3 tier. They were going to Agra. At the same time, there was one rally going on in Delhi and lots of people were there at the station to board Jhelum Express without tickets to attend the rally. I was with my brother and cousin. We have started talking to these Australians. We told them that it will be tough for them to board the train after seeing this crowd. It was then decided that I will stay with them to help them board the train because they have very heavy luggage and then come to my compartment as the train's compartment was interconnected. The train arrived at the platform and then it was chaos all around. We ran towards their compartment, and saw at each compartment atleast 20-25 people were boarding the train. We were just waiting to let them board the train, but the rush was never ending. So I told them, that its time to go in. It was december cold and I was sweating like in the heat of June. At last we entered the bogey, but there was no place to sit. Their berths has already been occupied with hooligans, who are not ready to leave the seat. At last I requested them, that these are foreigners, what will they think of us if we do this to them. So they offerred two seats at top berth. These guys were just looking each other's face and mine. I told them that there is no need to worry. They are in great numbers so I told them not to argue with them. You are lucky that you have got this seat. I exchanged phone numbers and told them, that I will see if any berth is available at my compartment and then I will come to take them with me. But then I have to move to my compartment first. The train was fully packed and I cant move a inch.

At last train stopped at the outer of some station. I went down and ran towards my bogey. And finally I boarded the train again. Here there is a complete different atmosphere. There was no noise and my brother got worried about me. But even the AC compartment was full. I was very tired and not at all in a position to go their compartment again. In the morning, I told my cousin that these guys are really in very tough conditions. So again at one station me and my cousin went down and ran towards their compartment. We reached there compartment and found they were still sitting in the same position, without any food. There eyes look very tired. They told us that they couldnt sleep whole night. We told them to wait for the next station and then we will go to our compartment. Then came the next station, and we again ran towards their compartment. Their luggage was very heavy, so it was very difficult for us to run. But finally we reached. I offerred them top berths and something to eat. After eating they just slept. I told them that I will wake them when Agra will about to come. I think it was 5-6hours still left in Agra station.

I woke them up when Agra was near. They got their bags packed after a sound sleep. We wished them happy journey and clicked their photo. They told us that they are also coming to Delhi and then they will treat us. I said its ok. So we again met at New Delhi after 2 days and we had a good time.

Oh! this post was supposed to be all about attacks on Indians, see where it ended. But I still feel that these people are very nice. But dont know what is happening over there now.