Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spammers found new way of advertising

I received a spam message which is kind of very different from other spam messages. I find it very unique and feel for those guys who are going to believe in them. It is written very personally and people tend to view it as if somebody who knew them has written it.

Below is the spam which I received:

Hello and meethi see Salaam Namaste from Vidushi

How r u dear.

Did You Know Thousands Of People Makes Lots Of Money Through "abcd.com". If You Have Ever Thought For Making Money From Internet Then You Are At Right Place @ "efgh"

If you don't believe on me just check out yourself by clicking this link "http://www.efgh.com" aur haan beleive nahi karoge to nuksan to tunhara hi hai na hehehehehehehe

ohhhh I am soooo stupid na, tum ko jaruri baat to batana hi bhul gaye regarding this company.... efgh is a training package, which will teach you work with various abcd.com based programs, from the place of your choice, from the time of your choice. efgh teach you the procedure step by step in easy way, you just have to basic knowledge of computer and Internet and above 18+ years of age.

These Program is explained in a very simple worlds and short one, All fields described step by step and to the point. We have concentrate on only actual points, means no lengthy BLAH BLAH !!! We are not using unexplained technical languages. You just have to follow the step by step directions and start earning money from abcd.

Achha haan sach, ek aur baat - if you have any question regarding this you can check out the FAQ page here http://www.efgh.com/faq.html , everything is clear there. Aur agar mere jaise budhu ho to phir support center mein call kar lena http://www.efgh.com/contact.html .....

Uff, I am talking a lot today.... I am going now

Okey bye bye tata


areee i have forget one thing, you must download your free copy to understand howz this system works

ok now finally bye.... see u later


So this is how these spammers have found the new way of advertising. They have used certain Hindi words in here so that people who know Hindi find it personal. May be they have used local languages of other countries as well to send these spam messages. I have not used the actual company names or websites.

Beware of Spammers!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Indian Hockey Sucks!

We gave them all our support, they gave us defeat!

This is the only thing which I can say after the Indian Hockey Team's dismal performance in the World Cup 2010. Once again they have failed to live up to our expectations. There were so many advertisements, efforts to give them all the support they want but they didn't performed. Will they still fight for their salary, will they still protest by not playing matches. Come on man what do you guys want now. You guys have wasted so much time in protesting rather than practicing hockey.