Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things will not be the same - Farewell to Kamlesh

I am very sad today as one of my best friend has left the office in which I am working. The definition of friendship is not complete without him. I am very fortunate to have a friend like him. He is always there to help me. When he is present in office, I knew no problem is big. He always had a solution. He is the person I can always rely upon.

Now the things will not be the same at work. I will always feel lonely. His workstation would always remind me of him. I will really miss him and I hope that wherever he goes, he gets the best out of life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kalmaadi ki Aarti (Taken from Chai ki Dukaan)

जय बाबा कलमाड़ी बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी अद्भुत अनोखे ढंग से तुमने commonwealth की मारी ||
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

सारे सम्बन्धी करोडपतिचाहे देश हो जाये भिखारी |सबका ख्याल तुम्हे है दोस्ती हो या रिश्तेदारी ||
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

इतना पैसा खाया और आधी भी डकार न मारी|तुमको जेल में डाले अब किसकी ये ज़िम्मेदारी?
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

ऐसा हाल किया के शर्म से डूब मरे नर नारी|यमुना में भी बाड़ आ गई धोने को तुम्हारी बीमारी|
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

CWG तो होंगे भारत की है तय्यारी|तुम जाने कहाँ जाओगे कहाँ डूबेगी नैय्या तुम्हारी?????
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 - India's real test

(Please let them come out and play)

I have read so many negative blogs, articles, etc. on the subject that even if, we are ready to host the event, people from all over the world after reading them will surely gonna not come to see the mega event. I don't know how much negative energy we have in our soul by degrading our country in front of others. This is nothing new that India is a country with lots of corruption in every field. Despite of this, India hosting such a event is miracle.

I know there are so many difficulties Delhi people are currently facing due to this commonwealth games. But can't we support government on this. I know they are not 100% efficient not even 50% but can't you just give 1 year of your life to support this event and face whatever difficulties comes. Are we habitual of so luxurious living that we have forgotten how Gandhiji and other great legends lived their life. It is you who have selected this government. Oh hell yeah, I know every government is like this, why don't you try leading a city or a country (Ho gayi tai tai fis....).

This is a lesson that our government has learn from this event. They will think thrice before hosting any such event in future. As a citizen of India, try to support the cause rather than ranting or complaining about people who are trying to organize the event.

Google and Skype - Internet Telephony Competition

I am writing this post from the user experience point of view. Currently Skype is used worldwide to talk to people on their phones through internet. Now few days back Google announced its entry into the internet telephony market by integrating this feature on its google mail. Though this is a big step but I am unsure whether they will provide good service or not. I have not tested it as I am sitting in India and it is not possible from here. But I am positive that it will be a good service. However, there are some doubts in my mind about google service as compared to skype.

1. Skype has its team fully working on only this product and always trying to make it better whereas google by integrating this feature in google mail has always have to keep in mind that the mail service do not get affected by this. So there lies a focus problem.

2. I am using both skype and google mail and chat. I have noticed that skype keeps me login even in very low bandwidth whereas I see google chat disabled due to low bandwidth. In India, this problem arises very frequently.

The only feature where google is ahead of skype is that by integrating this feature in google mail, people does not need to go anywhere other than google. They will be having access to their mails, chats and now internet telephony in only one window.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nokia N8 Vs Iphone 4

The mobile phone industry will going to see the tough competition in the time to come in the smartphone market. The two great devices which are coming up by two great companies are Nokia N8 by Nokia and Iphone 4 by Apple. I totally respect these companies for their technology and innovation. Both these companies are great in their respective field. Nokia, though loosing its giant status to other mobile phone companies but still managing the top position in many countries. So lets compare these two devices:

Screen wise: Both have similar screen length though Apple has done some advancement in its display. Nokia N8 has 360 x 640 pixels 3.5 touch-screen whereas Apple's new Iphone 4 has 640 x 960 pixel display. Also Apple has Retina Display Technology which is very impressive.

Camera wise: Nokia should now also include digital cameras in their product list. This N8 has a 10.2 mega pixel Carl Zeiss camera  and  xenon flash whereas Apple's Iphone only offer 5 mega pixels camera. Surely, N8 is a mobile cum digital camera and this is the strongest feature of Nokia's N8 and it beats everybody here.

Operating System: Nokia has launched a new operating system in N8- the Symbian^3 which is yet to be tested by common people. Nokia claims that it is a very advance version of all the previous operating systems but still people will tell the verdict. Apple is using iOS4 which Mr. Steve Jobs has told all of us in his Speech on June 7 and it is impressive. The Apple Iphone 4 is really fast, but we still have to test Nokia N8.

Features: The Nokia N8 has features like HDMI port and Dolby Digital Plus surround stereo, Xenon Flash, 12 megapixel camera, Ovi Services, 48GB of storage with a micro SD card, 720p video and it comes in multiple colours whereas Iphone 4 has Retina Display technology, applications, glass casing, three-axis gyro sensor, 326ppi display, games, apps folders, 64GB of storage and the impressive, power-saving, Apple A4 Processor, which has more than proved its worth in the iPad.

Applications: Nokia's Ovi Store is impressive and have some great applications which they are showing on Nokia World 2010 but comparing with Iphone applications which is currently best in the market does not have match. The applications in Iphone are far superior.

Price: This is the main comparison which all the common user will gonna compare first. Nokia's N8 is far cheaper then Apple's Iphone 4. Though the price in India for both the devices are not available but still Nokia does have an edge here.

Lookwise: I find Nokia N8 far better than Apple's Iphone 4.

So if you are looking for a phone's quality then go for Apple's Iphone 4 but still my heart says Nokia's N8 will give a tough competition to Iphone. Nokia has recently changed its management and it will take some time when Nokia will again regain its market.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Inrospection

I am the one who observes a lot about things happening around me. I observe people including myself. This post is a introspection of me that I recently found in my behavior. Life is going easy and I take it as it comes. But this easy attitude is making me lazy and feel that I am drifting towards the path which I should not be going. I am the guy who always want to be into things. I don't like sitting idle doing nothing. But I have become so lazy that even if I want to do something, my mind and body doesn't allow me to do it. I want to take care of each and every member of my family but I am so busy with myself that I am not able to give enough time to them. I try to avoid work and transfer it to next day and that next day never comes.

I don't know how to improve myself. I feel guilty of not doing well. I expect a lot from me and want to fly in life. I always want to see my family happy and somehow feel that I am not doing enough to them. I have so many pending tasks to do. I spend 15 hours of my day in front of the computer screen either in office or at home. I know I have things to do but lying on bed and surfing net is more important to me.

I want to change myself and I don't know how to start.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Amritsar and Wagha Border

Recently went to Amritsar and Wagha border and had a great time over there. This was one of the most amazing trip that I have gone. I hope there are more to come. I saw golden temple at night and it was looking most beautiful (below is the picture). Also at Wagha Border, I got the VIP seat to see the ceremony. I also got the chance to see the Indian pillar at the border.