Monday, June 6, 2011

UPA sucks!!

Very unhappy with the events happening in New Delhi. First people were beaten by police who were protesting silently and then UPA government accusing Baba Ramdev in every manner possible. One thing which came out from these events that UPA government is not able to see so many people against them and they fear that in the next elections they will be out of power if this continues. This will happen anyway. Middle class has now reached the break point where they can clearly see who is right and who is wrong. Though some will be still ignorant by not voting against this government in the next elections.

Also it is clear that UPA cannot handle such situations. Kapil Sibbal is one of the most corrupt person now accusing Anna Hazare for starting all this. Shame on you Mr. Sibbal. Two persons who have started the revolution in a peaceful manner and you are accusing them? Shame on UPA.

And now Manmohan Singh who has lost all the respect from Indians saying that the events are unfortunate but there was no alternative. Are  you crazy Mr. Singh? You do not know how to handle such situations? Where are your advisers? You should not be the Prime Minister of India. You do not deserve this seat. Shame on you whole UPA and congress.