Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China started getting scared of India

In what was considered to be a major shift in the China's recent concerns, India started building up army personnel over Indo-China disputed border area. India is planning to increase the military personnel from current 40000 to 140000. They are just scared of the numbers being increased by 100000 and everybody knows our army jawan's strength as compared to Chinese. Read this Article and you will get to know the China's concerns.

Reacting on the move, they say that "It will result in a tense situation in the region and harm India's own interests. Increasing troops on the border area is always a sensitive move and it is especially sensitive to increase troops on a disputed border area". And what are you doing in Arunachal Pradesh is a right move? Arunachal Pradesh is a part of India and will remain in India. Do whatever you want but you will not get even a pie from here. If time comes our brave soldiers will sacrifice anything to protect the country and yes your defense budget is more than India's.

Further eliminating the threat they said that "In an era when precision-guided weapons are developing rapidly, everyone with common sense knows that concentrated troops could be eliminated easily". Hahahaha.... Everybody knows how are the products which are "Made in China". To further making your situation more difficult read this. I know this is more of a hate China post but we know that you are a great country with some great minds. Try involving those great minds in some constructive process and both India and China can work towards betterment of people in both the countries rather than fighting over a land and showing who is more superior.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Indian Railways - Sleeper Class

I was reading one interesting blog post about Indian railways and wanted to share my views and experiences as well on the topic which I think every Indian must have experienced in his/her life. I have traveled many times in the Sleeper class of Indian railways and truly it is a place to be. So much of stuff happens here that people remember it for a long time. I will not narrate my one journey but will share the experiences from different journeys.

Once when I was going to my parent's native place, I have seen two luggage bogies moving on one track without any engine. I was around 12 or 13 at that time but still remember that because this thing in itself is unbelievable. Now people started discussing this in the compartment in which I was traveling. One uncle ji said that there might be some engine pushed them and now they are on their own. I don't know what would have happened at that time.

I often use to travel to Maharashtra from Goa Express and we have a group of known families traveling together. So lot of my friends use to travel together. The first thing that we use check out is the reservation charts of our compartments and find out the girls names and their ages. When we find any girl of our age, we become so happy as if we have found girl friend. So as everybody settles down, we start checking out other compartments and the pantry car where we make one friend from the pantry staff and use to eat there only.

Once I was coming from Secundrabad from AP Express after giving my ICFAI interview, I found a whole college group who have also involvee me with them because my seat is with them. So they use to tell each other something in Telugu and then I have to always ask what is it all about. And there is a girl in the group who has kind of liked me. I showed her the tunnels from the gate. When I was about to get down from the train at Nizamuddin railway station, I heard the voice in Telugu talking about taking a phone number. I just smiled at her as she was kind of shy.

Now I prefer traveling in AC coaches as there are few responsibilities on me, I miss those sleeper class traveling. Now you will find girls busy in their laptops and phones singing songs or watching movies. In these coaches nobody would make even eye contact with you. I found these journeys very boring.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Who is taking a dig at New Delhi?

From the past few years, media is taking full on against New Delhi reporting various articles that it is a bad place to live as compare to other cities. It is not safe for women, it is a rape capital, etc, etc. These reporters are mostly those people who are finding it difficult to live in New Delhi. They are not adjusting well enough and then blame New Delhi for everything. It is not a place that makes city, it is people who make it. When there are people who cannot adjust and find it difficult to survive then they blame the city. When will these people understand that it is you who make the city. If you want to blame New Delhi, first see your habits. I have seen many people from different cities spitting, littering at every place they find it. I am not saying that these people should not come to Delhi, but can you guys please behave and show some courtesy and manners to make this place better place to live.

So if you think only New Delhi is bad then please read below mentioned articles as well. You will get to know that it is not about any particular city, it is about people who dwell here.

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

My point here is that these journalists, reporters does not see the real India. They just have some writing skills which they show in these stories when they do not find certain place good. Every city has its advantages and disadvantages, it is just the people who need to adjust.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greece Financial Economy

I want to understand how one nation is deciding all the financial markets of the world. Greece is bankrupt and every country is giving suggestions to make it overcome with the situation. Whenever I see  news of stock markets up or down, the reason given is "Greece". How one country can affect so much?

I know that whole European economy is affected but why every nation is focusing on Greece. Today markets are down and the reason given is "Asian markets slip on Greece". Now when bailout packages were announced for Greece, the markets were up. Somebody please help me in finding out that why only Greece is deciding world's financial markets. Thanks!!