Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breakdown of CEOs time

Here is an interesting breakup of a CEOs time in a typical week. The CEO is a leader of any company and responsible for any decisions his/her company made. Therefore, most of the time is spent on discussing strategies, company affairs, board meetings, etc.

One of the most important thing in a CEOs life is traveling time in which CEO has to meet new people, explain the company's business. The main thing is to create awareness about the company's activities. This helps in creating business and then it is marketing and sales guys duty to take lead from there. An employee will always see this life as luxurious. But this is very tough life and CEO has to manage time between office and family.

CEO has to be available 24*7 whereas middle or lower level employee doesn't need to bother about office affairs after their shifts. One must understand that if a company fails these things will be against CEO. Therefore, CEO has to choose and manage the time very carefully.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Change your Life, Change your Thoughts

We don't like changes around us but one must change within. My current phase of mind certainly requires some immediate changes. Life does not have any motivation. I used to like challenges but time is such that I refuse to start. I need to pull up my socks and have to look out for new developments. The most important thing is to change my thinking. It happens when you start feeling comfortable. And I really don't like that part. I always want to be submerged into something new. I feel like walking out and stand in the rain.

I wish I could change myself like I change clothes everyday. I find now that my best days are when I am making the internal and external changes to make my life better...But when I'm stuck in habitual patterns, doing the same thing day in an day out, I find it difficult to listen to my heart...I've always liked changes, despite the fact that it's so difficult to deal with them sometimes. When I fall into a rut I feel the need for a change of scenery. On one hand, this is immature, because no matter where one goes, his problems come along. So some people could say I just run away from my problems, but I never really have any big problems. Just a boredom with monotony. I love adventure, I love new scenery and new ideas. I like meeting new people and learning new ways of living. I like sharing concepts and thoughts with friends and strangers.

If the change is happening from bad to worse, even then I like it. It will occupy my mind and help me to think differently. It will always keep me on my toes. Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

General Thoughts in my Mind - A drafted note

This has been in my draft for quite some time now. I think I should post it.

No matter how busy you are, you always have some general thinking going on in your mind. I have listed few of my things which I generally think about.

Office - Yes, I think about office before family.
Appraisal - If you have joined some office, this is certainly occupies your mind most of the time and it has occupied mine as well.
Family - I know I am not giving much time here. What do I think of myself?
Future - Where I will be 2-3 years from now? Though I always think of the long term perspective, but right now I am thinking about next year.
Finance - Ya need to manage my expenses. Lately I have not been able to save much. Also looking out for some investments.
Cricket - Can I concentrate anywhere else? Specially when the team is playing like Bangladesh.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Telecom Licenses Cancelled - Shame on Indian Government

Supreme Court in the historic judgement cancelled more than 100 licenses for mobile phone 2G services issued in 2008. This is utter shame on the part of Indian government who is continuously degrading India's name. This is certainly a blot on the image of the Indian economy. Companies around the world has invested huge amount of money in these companies and now the licenses have been cancelled.

Government is now giving excuses that they have arrested A. Raja in the case who was involved in this and taken the corrective action but he is only a scapegoat in the whole scam. Are we idiots not to understand that government has nothing to do with this. If the government is grilled more they will come up with another excuse that this is a mistake of PMO. Who is responsible for PMO Mr. Manmohan Singh? Are you saying that you are blind and doesn't look into the matters of PMO.

The main issue here is what will happen to Indian economy. These companies will always going to keep away from investing in India. "This is very bad for India's reputation," said Kunal Bajaj, director of the Indian offices of Analysys Mason, a London-based telecom-consulting firm. "These are the companies who have really instigated massive amounts of competition and generated huge amounts of end-consumer benefit."

All the blame is of Indian government who has auctioned 2G services to these companies illegally. And Mr. Prime Minister doesn't have a clue what is happening. Strange! I am now even more sure that congress government is counting its last days in the office.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Revisiting Old Memories

What if you coming after giving your C.B.S.E. class 12th final exam, get picked from the examination center and told that we are moving to a new house? I was shocked but had to leave the place where I have spent my childhood (16 years).

Yesterday I revisited the same place Dilshad Garden where I have lived my carefree life. I miss that place so much that if I have been given chance now to shift, I would go there. With my friends, I use to sit in the park, play cricket, talk nonsense, sense, dreaming about future. Talking about everything which a teenager likes to do at that age. We use to spend our summer holidays by sitting at the park benches and playing. The day was also special because it was my school friend's wedding reception. I was meeting him after 12 years. Can you believe it!! That too on a day when he is entering a new phase of his life. We used to sit together in a class in school. If that is not enough, one more coincidence. The venue he has chosen is just opposite to the school where we have studied. I have lost contact with him just after finishing 12th. How we met again was altogether a different and interesting story. I was going through all the same stuff again. The streets, roads and parks which used to be so big at that time are now looking so small, as if they are making me feel guilty that I do not come there anymore.

I was remembering the blocks, pockets, roads. Though I wanted to meet more friends there but couldn't because I went there from Delhi Metro and I was hoping to catch the metro on time on my way back. I will again go there soon to catch all the stuff which I have missed in these last 12  years.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jet Fighter Deal - India and Dassault

This is in continuance with my earlier Post where I mentioned that India is increasing its defense power because of its giant neighbor China who is still far superior in defense technology as compared to India.

India has chosen Dassault Aviation SA for 126 Rafale fighter jets. I must say this is not for defense but for offense purpose. There will be a time when India will be consider as one of the superpower during future wars. Though I hope such situation doesn't arise. This is certainly one of the greatest fighter jets deals in Indian history. However, James Hardy, Asia-Pacific analyst says "Financial pressures on India's government could seriously complicate the chances of this being signed any time soon, in particular the depreciation of the rupee. That and the standard contractual wrangling that occurs during Indian procurement deals could cause delays stretching to years."

Also some scams or scandals might happen with such a huge deal. In India, anything is possible.