Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Interesting Bollywood Movie Dialogues

There are some interesting and common Hindi Movie Dialogues which we don't focus while watching the movie but they sound strange when you listen to them in real life.Hope you enjoy them.

1. Boss Maal Pakda Gaya!!
2. Hum Jahaan Khade Hote Hain, Line Wahin Se Shuru Hoti Hai.
3. Bolo Mat, Sunte Raho.
4. Khaaaamosh!!
5. Taarikh Pe Taarikh!!
6. Ye Haath Mujhe De De Thakur.
7. Tumhara Naam Kya Hai Basanti?
8. Adab Se Baat Karo.
9. Aur Kisi Ko Chahiye Promoson?
10. Rishte Mei To Hum Tumhare Baap Lagte Hain.
11. Thehro! Ye Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti!!
12. Kaash Tum Mera Yakeen Kar Sakti!!
13.Kitne Aadmi The?
14. Bhagwaan Ke Liye Inhe Chhod Do.
15. Apne Hathiyaar Phek Do.
16. Mei Tumhare Bacche Ki Maa Ban Ney Waali Hoon!!
17. Mei Tumhara Ehsaan Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolunga/Bhoolungi!!
18. Bataao! Heerey Kahaan Hain?
19. Duniya Ki Koi Taakat Hame Juda Nahi Kar Sakti.
20. Chacha, Bees Saal Se Jo Aag Mere Dil Mei Lagi Hui Hai, Wo Aaj Iska Khoon Peekar Bhujegi!
21. Jug Jug Jiyo Beti/Beta!
22. Mulzim ko Baa izzat bari kiya jata hai.
23. Kanoon par se mera vishvaas uth chuka hain.
24. Mujhe kuch kuch ho raha hain.
25. Maine tumhe kya samjha, Aur tum kya nikley!
26. Koi Dekh Lega / Hato naa, log kya kahengay / Hutiye jee! Aap bade woh hain....
27. Gawaaoon key bayaanat aur sabooto ke madde nazar rakhtey Taz-e-raat-e-hind, dafaa 302 ke tahet, muzrim ko sazaaye maut di jaati hai.

There are many more but right now I can recall only these.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's Century of Centuries

It was a century that the entire nation was eagerly waiting from Sachin Tendulkar and he didn't disappoint them as he completed a historic 100th international century against Bangladesh at Dhaka today on 16th March 2012 at around 4:45 PM. The last century which he scored was 1 year 5 days ago.

It was a moment when a nation orgasmed. I still remember the moment in my office cafeteria when everybody cheered in their loudest volume despite of meeting going on with consultants in the nearest room. The news channels which were till now showing budget 2012 has switched to Sachin's Century. I will support if 16th March would be called as Sachin Tendulkar Day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Railway Budget 2012 - Expectations

As I am writing this post, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi is presenting the railway budget in the parliament. I am not expecting in terms of number of new trains started, % increase or decrease in railway fares, etc. What I am looking for is the infrastructure, facilities in railway stations, trains, cleanliness, safety, food quality etc. I also don't know the mentality of Indian people. They feel happy when a new train is started from their native state to a metropolitan city. But what about the traveling experience?

I am Ok if you increase the railway fare for passengers, introduce some safety tax, etc. but what about the condition of trains, tracks, railway stations. There is no railway station in India which can match US or European railway stations. Most of our politicians do not use railways, they travel by air and hence we do not see any improvement in the railways.

The IRCTC website is slowest. It takes around 20 minutes to book a ticket and then when you complete all the process, the transaction gets failed. The new Indian Railways website was launched by Ms. Mamta Banerjee but it was taken back only after a week. It was not even properly tested.

Air travel is safer than railways but then poor people in India cannot afford air travel. Food quality in trains is worst. Earlier I use to like train food but now its getting costlier but unhygienic and bad. The taste is so pathetic that it seems we are having boiled salted water.

I am not expecting much relief as far as the fare or new trains is concerned but at least improve some basic infrastructure and facilities for people of India who pay taxes.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Mornings and Good Afternoons

Have you ever left office in between on a working day to go back home or some other place? You will find things around you so different from your daily life at this time. Last week, I took a half day from office to celebrate my birthday with friends. I find the whole life around me so different from my daily routine. People were relaxing in the parks. Delhi Metro is almost empty and people were walking lazily to enter the metro. There is nobody in the metro parking, so many cars stationing in the parking lot.

If you compare this with your daily routine, you will find it difficult to absorb. How can people be so different in their attitude from the morning as compare to this time? Even their behavior is different now. Metro is crowded and people walking very fast on roads, at metro stations. Nobody has time to even talk or think. So many cars on the road, their horns in the loudest volume. But at this time all are relaxed. In the morning the metro coach which was suffocating like anything now giving you fresh air. You can think about new ideas at this time but not in the morning.

I have observed people in their happy moods at this time as compared to morning moods where one must be thinking about office. I mean the whole thing is so different that I wish what I am doing daily is total waste and missing something which these people are enjoying.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rahul Dravid Retires

I follow Cricket like anything but I do not write much about cricket on my blog because there is so much of it everyday. I write only when something important happens in cricket like I wrote when England won the Ashes and India winning World Cup 2011.

Now when Rahul Dravid plans to retire from International Cricket, the news has to be important and I had to write about it. This person has made an impact both on and off the field. He is down to earth person even after scoring so many runs, breaking so many records and an important figure in International Cricket. Other than his batting I like his attitude. He has made some impact on me as well. One can learn from his personality. He is a person who will walk on the broken glasses if his team asks him to. He has always been a team man.

In India, where Cricket is followed as the Religion, there have been many legends and one of them is Rahul Dravid. For his achievements,records, He's been the 'Unsung' Hero. The quote that suits him the best is, "Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent. Whenever team is in trouble, Whom do you turn to? "Rahul Dravid!” He has truly been "The Wall" for Indian Cricket Team.

Now that he is planning to retire I would say "Gentleman's game will truly lose its Gentleman".

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boys Vs Girls (Blogging)

Before starting I want to say that this post is not specific to any person but a general observation. I may be wrong but this is what I see here on blogger.

I have been on blogger for quite some time now and read hundred of posts from different people. There are some differences which I found in the boys' blog as compare to girls' blog. I know few people will not agree to it but its only my views:

1. A girl's blog will mostly have information around her friends and how its affecting their life. In some cases there might be a information about her boyfriend/s/husband and how she like/dislike few things about him/them. If you see a boy's blog, it would contain information about sports, movies, political news or it will be specific to only one topic.

2. A girl's blog theme and layout will keep changing in two months or so whereas boy's blog theme or layout will change in a year.

3. I have seen few girl's blog post which doesn't make any sense at all and I can give you examples for that. They do not care if somebody reading their blogs or it is making any sense to them. It is mostly written to satisfy themselves. A boy's blog will be straight to the point, however, sometimes it also doesn't make sense.

4. There are lot of punctuations used in a girl's blog post for e.g. (.!%$#) Almost every sentence will end with many full stops. In a boy's blog there is a lot of cut copy paste stuff.

5. A girl will certainly write about their moods swings, her present state of mind and life whereas boys will talk about world.

Please don't think that I am MCP, there are few points which is troublesome for boys:

• 70% boys gets of D’s and F’s.
• They make up 80% of discipline problems
• They make up 70% of learning disabilities
• Are 1 to 1 ½ years behind girls in reading and writing
• Make up 80% of HS dropouts

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays

Today is 1st March and now 4 days left when I will celebrate my birthday. But as I plan to celebrate it, a thought came into my mind that why do we celebrate or mark the birthdays of dead people for e.g. Gandhi Jayanti and other famous people birthdays. I know some people are gonna be kinda pissed with me on this, but, it is a thought and I wanted to express it on my blog. After all its the only place where I discuss my internal thoughts.

Why are we counting dead people age when they are already dead. Remembering them on that day is fine but why numbering and celebrating their birthdays. I am absolutely fine with visiting Raj Ghat on Gandhi Jayanti and paying homage to a great man but celebrating and counting the number of years is not an good idea.

I have also seen some people cutting birthday cakes for these people and the birthday cake is written with the number of years that person might have completed if he/she still alive. Suppose someone died when they were aged 60, 20 years ago, would they now be 80, or would they always be 60? I don't understand the system of celebrating and counting the number of years for dead people.