Saturday, December 21, 2013

Delhi's Cold and Goa's Beaches

Its 21st December today and already its so cold out here in Delhi. I am wondering how much temperature will gonna drop further around Christmas and New Year. Though I like winters but still feel like going at some warmer place. Goa is a perfect choice these days as there will be a nice weather over there. Moreover Christmas and New Year is coming, so all the party lovers will gonna hit that place. One must choose a right hotel and bookings should be done well in advance so that any last time rush can be avoided. I remember my vacations over there in 2010. I have chosen Goa as my honeymoon destination as it was matching to my budget. I have never seen a sea/sea beach earlier so it was my first experience and I was very excited.

I have chosen a hotel "Whispering Palm Beach Resort" after thorough research. I considered following factors while choosing this hotel.

1. Distance from Beach
2. Price
3. Facilities
4. Room Size
5. Location
6. Meals

On all these 6 factors, I found this hotel to be perfect. I checked its location on Google Maps and found that it is only few meters away from one of the beach at Candolim. I checked the room's images on its website and found them very neat and clean and well maintained. For price, I compared its prices at different websites like,, etc. But after checking its price, I decided to talk to them directly over phone. There is one Mr. A***l (dont want to take the name as it will be a privacy issue) who is in sales department came up with a excellent deal. After some negotiation, I confirmed my bookings.

It was a nice flight without any hiccups and after reaching Goa Airport, I saw a person holding my name tag in his hands. It was a nice ride in Toyota Innova car and we reached hotel well in time. They welcomed us with a drink and we were sitting on a sofa. A lady came to me and told me that all the rooms are full and they will provide me a upgraded room in a different hotel. I agreed to it and boy, they have provide me a superb room. Though we stayed there for two days and came back to Whispering Palm Beach where they have provided me equally great room. Moreover, I found a beach to be just a walking distance from a hotel. There was swimming pool in the hotel and every evening there is some cultural event going on in a hotel area around swimming pool. One will love the performances by some great artists/groups and enjoy the dinner side by side. Food was excellent and there was a buffet system where you can fill your tummy with all the delicacies. You can find fitness and spa facilities as well in the hotel. They have provided me one candle light dinner which I enjoyed with my wife.

I stayed there for three days and I loved my stay. I have recommended this hotel to few of my friends who recently got married and they too stayed over there. I must say do plan your vacations and book your hotels well in advance. I was lucky to get the hotel which was one of the best in Goa.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar - A Legend

Its almost a month now since Sachin Tendukar has retired from all forms of cricket and now I got time to write about Him and His retirement. My last post on cricket was when Rahul Dravid retired from International Cricket. In that post also I said that cricket is everywhere in India and some or the other news is always trending related to Cricket. But Boy! this news is bigger than Cricket itself. Though Cricket should be bigger than Sachin Tendulkar but in India its other way round. Not just because He is an extra ordinary cricketer but people respect Him as a person. He is truly an idol for so many people not just from Cricket fraternity but from all past of lives. More than billion people in India are inspired from Him. Not just India but around the World, He has been worshiped.

He has been known as Tendlya, God of Cricket, Little Master, Master Blaster and with so many other names. He has been a legend of Cricket. The word "Legend" itself comes second when it is used for Sachin Tendulkar. When He comes out to bat, whole stadium used to cheer out loud.  It was one of the most amazing moment inside the stadium. Though I never got the chance to see Him play live in stadium but I always cheered Him from television. Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award will be presented to Him on 26th January 2014. 

Cricket will never be same for me after His retirement. His farewell speech is a classic and will be remembered forever in Cricket. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

What if there is no money in the society

I have always been a fan of movies based on post apocalyptic events. Every time I watch such movies, different ideas of resuming humanity/mankind again started hovering my mind. One of them is to completely eliminate the use of money. Though, in current scenario, it seems completely impossible for not using money/item in any transaction. But thinking of it for a while, it seems to be possible to a certain extent. What if people just get what they want without paying anything and there should be no trading of currency or item for it.

The main motivation of people in this kind of scenario should be to just feed his/her hunger rather than collecting assets. What it means is that a person must be getting something to eat/drink whenever he/she feels hungry/thirsty. There should not be any other reason for living. The sole motivation of living is to feed oneself and family. If everybody agrees to do so only then this kind of environment is possible. People will be growing their own food and feeding their family. If they require anything from outside, they will get it for free and they will also provide anybody anything for free. There should not be a feeling of give and take/barter/exchange or returning the favor.

Take a bigger scenario. If you need to go somewhere, it is the responsibility of the government of the country to provide you transport and if that country's  government do not have resources for it then it can ask from another country to help them to build proper transport facilities. It is purely on the basis of sharing the resources rather than paying for it to get the service. These two countries should agree to mutually share their resources. There should not be a criteria of quantity. If resources are available in the country and the country is in the position of providing assistance to another country, it will provide help to that country and should not think of getting similar favor in return.

I know its very hard to implement, it is just an idea. Seems like a weird one but it is just a thought that came to my mind while watching these movies. One can start this between two families, then society and then between countries and then gradually other countries can also join it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress"

Life is full of uncertainties but what is it that keeps you going. No matter how tough things are around but it is certainly a confidence, self belief and positive attitude that keeps us moving forward. I realized planning things in advance help us deciding our present course of action. Always work towards realizing your future goals and these small present issues and problems will look small when you see your future goals.

When you see people around, you will find each one has their own problems to tackle. You can see it from their faces. No matter how much they hide but when you get to know that person, you can easily see their problems. But we all have been given a power of resistance i.e. to survive the tough situations. Lets take a example, if you were told a joke first time, you will probably laugh at it. The second time, you will laugh less but after repeatedly hearing the same joke, there will be a time when you will not laugh at all. Similarly, we should not cry again and again by thinking of difficult times. The things which have happened are past now. No need to be sad thinking about it. “Tears are for after; they just waste time before." Adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled. What we can control is how we react to it. The true test of a person's character is how they stand during test of adversity.

Its a faith that we have upon us that keeps us going. Difficult times will remain with us throughout our life. Its just the small small happy moments that make our days and life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Earthquake Experience

Tuesday, April 16,2013, 16:15 IST: I was in office reading on Wikipedia about Mario Video Game. Suddenly realized shaking of floor but thought as if someone walking on the wooden floor as usual. But then someone inquired as you also feeling tremors? Then I realized it is not somebody walking, it is EARTHQUAKE! Every-time we experience Earthquake in office, the thought comes in our mind with speed of light, that dude, we are on 15th floor. The thought of being on 15th floor is more scary then earthquake itself.

I felt that whole building was slightly shaking, I looked at the nearby building and saw everything shaking. The building was shaking like see-saw but it was not funny at all. Everybody on the floor were puzzled trying to take in what's happening.  I quickly grapped my cellphone and car keys and put them in pocket , the shaking kept going harder and harder.

The only thing we could hear was panicking of people. In my mind, I told myself not to panic, stay calm but inside it was fear. Once I heard people shouting lets move, we started leaving the floor. We walked out of the office. We saw huge crowd on the staircase but there was no option but to walk downstairs with the snail's speed. People were saying, move fast but we knew it will only bring in more panic. We realized, the building is still shaking. We keep looking downstairs as how many floors still left. After reaching downstairs, a sense of relief came to mind and body. I looked up and saw 16 floor building standing tall like a God who as if very proudly saying, "Look I have saved you". I thanked God.

It was a horrible nightmare which is happening too frequently now. Everytime, I go through it, I pray to God, please don't repeat it again

An earthquake can happen anywhere on this planet. It's not a feeling that you have everyday. For me it changes some of my priorities.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From a Boy to Man

When does time come when people started treating you as a man and not as a boy anymore. Does age matter? Completing 30 years makes you man? or after marriage? Since, I will be completing my 30 years in a month and few days, this question started knocking my mind. Most of us will say that age doesn't matter. You become man when you start handling greater responsibilities, take decisions, etc. I agree to that.

It is that time of your life when you realize that you are alone and you have to deal with the problems yourself. Family is there, but its you who need to take risks and trust your instincts.

We always want to remain as a boy but time will automatically shifts our personality from a boy to a man not because of age but with our traits. You don't realize when you start behaving like a man. So I guess the time has come for me to take few important decisions and handle greater responsibilities. Its only a coincidence that I am completing 30 years at the same time. Whatever I have learned till now, its time to implement that in my life. Though the learning is endless but the basic concepts of life has been learned.