Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Earthquake Experience

Tuesday, April 16,2013, 16:15 IST: I was in office reading on Wikipedia about Mario Video Game. Suddenly realized shaking of floor but thought as if someone walking on the wooden floor as usual. But then someone inquired as you also feeling tremors? Then I realized it is not somebody walking, it is EARTHQUAKE! Every-time we experience Earthquake in office, the thought comes in our mind with speed of light, that dude, we are on 15th floor. The thought of being on 15th floor is more scary then earthquake itself.

I felt that whole building was slightly shaking, I looked at the nearby building and saw everything shaking. The building was shaking like see-saw but it was not funny at all. Everybody on the floor were puzzled trying to take in what's happening.  I quickly grapped my cellphone and car keys and put them in pocket , the shaking kept going harder and harder.

The only thing we could hear was panicking of people. In my mind, I told myself not to panic, stay calm but inside it was fear. Once I heard people shouting lets move, we started leaving the floor. We walked out of the office. We saw huge crowd on the staircase but there was no option but to walk downstairs with the snail's speed. People were saying, move fast but we knew it will only bring in more panic. We realized, the building is still shaking. We keep looking downstairs as how many floors still left. After reaching downstairs, a sense of relief came to mind and body. I looked up and saw 16 floor building standing tall like a God who as if very proudly saying, "Look I have saved you". I thanked God.

It was a horrible nightmare which is happening too frequently now. Everytime, I go through it, I pray to God, please don't repeat it again

An earthquake can happen anywhere on this planet. It's not a feeling that you have everyday. For me it changes some of my priorities.