Saturday, December 21, 2013

Delhi's Cold and Goa's Beaches

Its 21st December today and already its so cold out here in Delhi. I am wondering how much temperature will gonna drop further around Christmas and New Year. Though I like winters but still feel like going at some warmer place. Goa is a perfect choice these days as there will be a nice weather over there. Moreover Christmas and New Year is coming, so all the party lovers will gonna hit that place. One must choose a right hotel and bookings should be done well in advance so that any last time rush can be avoided. I remember my vacations over there in 2010. I have chosen Goa as my honeymoon destination as it was matching to my budget. I have never seen a sea/sea beach earlier so it was my first experience and I was very excited.

I have chosen a hotel "Whispering Palm Beach Resort" after thorough research. I considered following factors while choosing this hotel.

1. Distance from Beach
2. Price
3. Facilities
4. Room Size
5. Location
6. Meals

On all these 6 factors, I found this hotel to be perfect. I checked its location on Google Maps and found that it is only few meters away from one of the beach at Candolim. I checked the room's images on its website and found them very neat and clean and well maintained. For price, I compared its prices at different websites like,, etc. But after checking its price, I decided to talk to them directly over phone. There is one Mr. A***l (dont want to take the name as it will be a privacy issue) who is in sales department came up with a excellent deal. After some negotiation, I confirmed my bookings.

It was a nice flight without any hiccups and after reaching Goa Airport, I saw a person holding my name tag in his hands. It was a nice ride in Toyota Innova car and we reached hotel well in time. They welcomed us with a drink and we were sitting on a sofa. A lady came to me and told me that all the rooms are full and they will provide me a upgraded room in a different hotel. I agreed to it and boy, they have provide me a superb room. Though we stayed there for two days and came back to Whispering Palm Beach where they have provided me equally great room. Moreover, I found a beach to be just a walking distance from a hotel. There was swimming pool in the hotel and every evening there is some cultural event going on in a hotel area around swimming pool. One will love the performances by some great artists/groups and enjoy the dinner side by side. Food was excellent and there was a buffet system where you can fill your tummy with all the delicacies. You can find fitness and spa facilities as well in the hotel. They have provided me one candle light dinner which I enjoyed with my wife.

I stayed there for three days and I loved my stay. I have recommended this hotel to few of my friends who recently got married and they too stayed over there. I must say do plan your vacations and book your hotels well in advance. I was lucky to get the hotel which was one of the best in Goa.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar - A Legend

Its almost a month now since Sachin Tendukar has retired from all forms of cricket and now I got time to write about Him and His retirement. My last post on cricket was when Rahul Dravid retired from International Cricket. In that post also I said that cricket is everywhere in India and some or the other news is always trending related to Cricket. But Boy! this news is bigger than Cricket itself. Though Cricket should be bigger than Sachin Tendulkar but in India its other way round. Not just because He is an extra ordinary cricketer but people respect Him as a person. He is truly an idol for so many people not just from Cricket fraternity but from all past of lives. More than billion people in India are inspired from Him. Not just India but around the World, He has been worshiped.

He has been known as Tendlya, God of Cricket, Little Master, Master Blaster and with so many other names. He has been a legend of Cricket. The word "Legend" itself comes second when it is used for Sachin Tendulkar. When He comes out to bat, whole stadium used to cheer out loud.  It was one of the most amazing moment inside the stadium. Though I never got the chance to see Him play live in stadium but I always cheered Him from television. Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award will be presented to Him on 26th January 2014. 

Cricket will never be same for me after His retirement. His farewell speech is a classic and will be remembered forever in Cricket.