Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Aviation and Aerospace Industry is going through a very rough patch recently. First, all the accidents which are currently in News.

1. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
2. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Emergency Landing
3. IndiGo Plane Catches Fire on Landing

Such news always scare you every time you board a flight. Well the accidents rate in aerospace industry is lowest. But still, it scares you out. The purpose of writing this post is not accidents but the prices offered by Airlines these days.They have come out of discounted prices during off-season. How many of us are really influenced by these discounted prices? First time travelers will certainly find this option pretty good. But people who travel only when need arises are not going to look at this as a big opportunity. Rather they will prefer paying regular prices and spend money only when they really want to go and not when they find cheaper tickets.

In India, population who haven't traveled through airlines is large and hence, such schemes surely give them the purchasing power and business to the airlines. I am wondering whether such schemes are also offered in Western countries?