Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Girls complain to husband

I am not a relationship expert but have noticed some girls complaining in their circle about their husbands.

Problem Statement : A very common crib is about how their would be husbands used to take them out for movies, shopping, outings, etc. But after marriage, it has changed and they rarely go out.

Result : I have tried to think over this situation and agreed that after marriage, situation does get change. But the main issue is about finding the reason that why this has changed.

Reason : I don't know whether it's true or not but the main reason behind this is that your Would Be Husband always wanted to spend time with you and not at all interested in those movies, shopping and outings. He is more into you rather than into external environment. Shopping, movies, outings, etc are just the ways of meeting you. After marriage, things gets changed because he is your husband now and always with you and he does not have to be out for meeting you.

Conclusion : Boys are better lovers, no matter what.

Conclusion 2 : People will think that this post is anti-feminine and I am anti-feminist.